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Revolutionize Your Lawn Care: Choose Durability and Safety with Our Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass.

Pets Synthetic Grass

Owning pets introduces unique challenges in lawn care.


Pets interact with your grass, impacting its health, while the grass type can affect pet well-being. Protecting your lawn from pets is essential, as lawn issues could pose risks to pets.


Natural lawns often suffer from pet activity, but there’s now a modern solution. Artificial turf replicates the appearance of natural grass, and recent advancements have made it an even more appealing choice.


Green Turf Pro’s K9 turf is not only easy to care for, but also resilient against the typical damage caused by dogs. You no longer have to choose between a pet-friendly home and a pristine lawn. This non-absorbent, easy-care, cushioned turf remains attractive and durable, safeguarding your pet from harm.

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Why pets compromise lawns

Pets can harm lawns through activities like urinating or digging, leading to irreversible damage. This often results in unsightly bare patches, color fading, and uneven grass growth.

While some products deter these behaviors, they may negatively impact pets. A superior alternative is adopting pet-friendly artificial grass, which maintains a beautiful lawn appearance and withstands multiple pets.


Pets and lawns have a reciprocal effect; while pets can damage lawns, certain lawn types can also be harmful to pets.

Pet owners are keen to ensure their pets’ safety. Managing a traditional grass lawn can be challenging, as many lawn care products are potentially harmful to pets.

Pricing Details for Synthetic Pet Runs

The cost for synthetic grass pet runs varies, typically ranging from $12 to $25 per square foot. This pricing is determined based on several factors, including the size of the area (square footage), the complexity of the site’s accessibility, the specific type of artificial turf chosen, and the overall scope of the project. 


To gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing the cost of artificial grass installation, you can refer to this detailed post.

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Warranty Information for Our Turf

Our top-quality artificial grass for dogs comes with several assurances: it’s UV color protected, resistant to mildew, anti-microbial, and extremely durable. 



We stand behind our product with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 




Additionally, we offer a 5-year warranty on our turf installation services, ensuring peace of mind and reliability. 

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Benefits of synthetic grass for dogs

Synthetic grass is a secure option for dog owners. Despite concerns about artificial materials, this turf contains no toxic elements. It eliminates the need for harsh lawn chemicals, offering a safer environment for pets.


Frequent use of toxic chemicals in lawn care, such as cleaners and fertilizers, can endanger pets. Artificial grass removes the risk of exposing pets to these harmful agents, allowing them to explore safely.


A key advantage of artificial turf for dogs is its maintenance-free nature, keeping pets away from dangerous lawn products. 


‘This durable surface requires minimal upkeep, making it ideal for busy dog owners.


Servicing South Florida Counties


Pet Turf effectively prevents waterlogging. Traditional lawns in areas like South Florida often suffer from puddling after heavy rains.

However, artificial grass includes proper ground preparation and drainage systems, eliminating puddling and muddy paw prints. Moreover, it reduces or eliminates allergies in pets and humans by avoiding toxic fertilizers and pesticides. 




Green Turf Pro’s K9 grass resists damage from energetic pets, preventing common issues like holes and fading. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain its condition and prolong its life.


The non-absorbent nature of pet artificial turf prevents the usual wear and discoloration caused by pets. Cleaning is straightforward; simply rinse with water to remove debris or waste.

Key Advantages of Artificial Grass for Dogs

  1. Enjoy notable reductions in water expenses.
  2. A dog-friendly turf that eliminates the need for mowing.
  3. Eco-conscious choice: Free from the need for fertilizers or pesticides.
  4. Designed with pets in mind, featuring anti-microbial elements.
  5. Versatile for a wide range of applications.
  6. Comes with a 5-year guarantee on construction quality.

Choosing Artificial Grass for Dogs

To transform your lawn into a pet-friendly space, consider Green Turf Pro. 


Our products are specially designed to endure dog-related wear while ensuring a safer environment for pets. Green Turf Pro – Pet Turf Enjoy a natural-looking lawn without the maintenance hassles. 


Reduce expenses and effort, and forget about dogs damaging your grass. Opt for artificial turf and enjoy a worry-free lawn experience.

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