Our Mission: Crafting Your Dream Lawn in South Florida

Green Turf Pro, founded in 2012 in South Florida, initially focused on resolving challenging lawn issues prevalent in the area. Since our inception, we have assisted hundreds of clients in overcoming their lawn difficulties. 


Our owner-operated company specializes in installing synthetic turf across South Florida. We offer a wide array of services, including complete artificial grass installations, bespoke putting greens, and wholesale turf sales. 


Our eco-friendly, high-quality turf is manufactured in the USA, and all our installations are backed by a comprehensive workmanship and material warranty, ensuring your investment is secure.

about our company

At the core of our mission is attentive listening. We start every project by understanding the unique challenges you’re facing with your lawn in South Florida. Whether it’s concerns about maintenance, drainage issues, pet damage, or simply a vision for a more beautiful landscape, we’re here to grasp what would make the perfect artificial grass installation for you.


Being a family-owned and operated business, we bring a sense of family to our team and customers alike. We believe in straightforward communication, ensuring you receive the best options available. Our selection of top-quality landscape synthetic turf products is a source of pride, offering exceptional artificial turf that enhances any setting.

Trust in Our Expertise

Quality Products for South Florida Landscapes


We invite you to trust us with your landscaping needs. With our expertise, we offer suggestions and designs that are tailored to your preferences. It’s a collaborative journey – you share your vision for the ideal turf yard, and we bring it to life.


USA-Made Artificial Grass for a Lasting Solution


Our commitment is to the quality and longevity of our creations. That’s why we choose American-made products, incorporating premium infill that sets us apart from the competition. Our artificial grass, crafted in Georgia, not only endures but also adds aesthetic appeal to your space. 


Our synthetic turf features robust yarn structures and realistic olive hues with diverse thatch color options. Opting for our high-quality turf means turning heads in your neighborhood. For those in South Florida seeking a sustainable, low-maintenance landscape solution, our synthetic grass is the answer.


Antimicrobial Turf Infill Options


Upon completing your project, you’ll have the option between standard sand infill or an upgrade to Envirofill. We highly recommend Envirofill, offering it at wholesale cost to our customers. 


Why Envirofill? It’s non-toxic, safe for both pets and children, and brings additional benefits to your lawn. Envirofill helps control weed growth, is antimicrobial, requires less upkeep, and minimizes pet odors. This infill option ensures a lush, durable lawn that outperforms other choices.


While Envirofill is a premium option, we keep it affordable by charging only the wholesale price. We believe in delivering the highest quality products, and the difference between Envirofill and Silica Sand in terms of your artificial turf lawn’s longevity is unmistakable.